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Outdoor LED Strip Lights: Waterproof Lighting Solutions For Toronto Homeowners

There are lots of ways to make your home truly yours. Interior decoration choices are obviously high up on that list: choosing the right paint colours to give your home the feel and mood you want, pairing those colours with stylish, tasteful pieces of furniture that make your living space beautiful and functional, and finishing it all off with just the right work of art to perfectly complement the scene are all great ways to express your creativity, sense of personal style and your personality itself through your home. Options for sprucing up the outdoor spaces around your home have always been more limited, however. Outdoor accent lighting has always been around, of course, but the technological limitations inherent in old-fashioned incandescent or halogen bulbs have meant that options were always more scarce than anyone would like. Exterior home lighting was often limited to single-bulb security lights or functional outdoor flood lights to illuminate things like house numbers or a narrow driveway entrance. One other obvious reason for this is that outdoor home lighting is much more prone to damage due to rain, snow or wind. Today, though, homeowners have much more robust ways to lighting up their lives in the form of LED light fixtures. One word can sum up a huge advantage provided by outdoor LED strip lights: waterproof. Toronto homeowners are no longer constricted in where they can install exterior accent lighting, because LED lighting strips keep the weather where it belongs: out.


As if that wasn’t enough, LED strip lighting draws a tiny fraction of the power compared to older style lights, while boasting a life span that is many, many times as long (think years or decades, not months or a year). This means that costs associated with both energy usage and maintenance or repair drop precipitously as you transition from old-fashioned incandescent light sources to modern LED lighting solutions. This, in turn, means less hassle and headache as you decide how much lighting you can afford, and where you can put it around the outside of your home – not just to avoid weather damage (remember: waterproof!), but also to ensure that when you need to replace a bulb, you can access it easily and quickly. If you don’t need to change a bulb for 15-plus years, it becomes much less restricting to try to find the perfect place for it. Add to all of that the ability to be environmentally responsible in keeping your energy usage to a minimum around the house, and you’ve got a lighting solution that really pays dividends!


Since outdoor LED strip lights provide waterproof, decorative lighting to Toronto homes big and small, and carry with them a whole host of other significant benefits, it’s little wonder homeowners across the country are taking the plunge and moving from outdated, power-hungry light sources to modern, efficient and beautiful LED fixtures.